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Sunworx-Solar GmbH

Why we,  Sunworx-Solar GmbH, chose the plan4solar planning software. 



We are a systems provider and planning agency for photovoltaic systems. At our Lauf location, we have around 25 employees. Until now, we had always worked with various individual programs and put the results and findings into a project ourselves. For example, we would put together snow load information, graphics, frame calculations, PV sol, shading calculations, profitability calculations, inventory management etc.

We had been looking for an affordable software solution with which to plan standard PV systems for a long time.

Our desires for what a planning tools would be able to do became greater with every technical meeting. The search for products on the market was frustrating - either the product did not meet our requirements or the conditions were way beyond what we needed and the product was too expensive.

Then we got in contact with a software company that wanted to configure all of our individual programs into one interface, which would be able to carry out all necessary calculations. Negotiations got to quite an advanced stage, but still no contract was awarded.

Then GASCAD invited us to a software presentation in Nuremberg. When Mr Schöndorfer presented the planning software, the leader of our planning department was very enthusiastic about the program and pleased with the price.

Real 3D representations, snow and wind load data, shading planning with graphic representations, module and inverter data, design programming, frame planning, strand planning, profitability calculations and much more.

After a few telephone conversations with our CEO, 4 licences were ordered on the very same day.

Four planners now work with GASCAD plan4solar PV and have nothing but praise for the GASCAD telephone hotline. When we tell the help desk about the issues arising from a lack of routine, these issues are resolved in a quick and friendly manner.

The major advantage was and continues to be the fact that a version we have put together will never have the same comfort levels as the plan4solar program, and that's not even with the updates that have been announced. 

Our colleagues in Greece and Italy are currently trying out the free test version and will probably be ordering the full version soon.

Best wishes

Sunworx GmbH
Peter Fischer
Head of Planning

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